Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Missing Pets in Alabama


As you know many animals have been displaced by all of the natural disasters that have happened in this country and abroad! I am making it my mission to get the word out to others where ever they live to spread the word so these precious animals can be reunited with their loved ones!

It has come to my attention that a dear and precious little dog is missing and needs our help! It starts with us doggie lovers and loving doggies assisting those in need.

This sweet little pooch, picture below, is Dexter. He was displaced by the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this past week.

I have spoken with his mother, Ms. Rockman about her precious miniature Australian shepherd who is a year and a half years old. As you can tell by the photo he is adorable and although shy and obviously shell-shocked from what has happened, he is very lovable and playful. He does have a houndstooth collar with a rabies tag that would give accurate proof of identification.

If anyone has seen this sweet pup, please do not hesitate to contact Ms, Rockman at 850-712-1260. She had mentioned that she is aware of an older Australian shepherd similar in markings at the Metro Animal Shelter, the main shelter for displaced pets at this time.

One witness had spotted a dog matching the description of Dexter in the area of 2215 Prince Avenue but was unable to detain the dog as he ran off visibly fearful into a damaged home. His home is still standing but the windows were blown out and it will soon be demolished. It is likely that he could return to that area again.

PLEASE help locate this beautiful dog by tweet, email, word of mouth, prayer and if possible and you live in the area and see Dexter or any animal running loose please notify the  Metro Animal Shelter for details of the location.

Let's reunite our loved ones!


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