Saturday, March 6, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself......

I'm Abigail MacIntyre. But you can call me Abbey. I found Mama just last week. I'm a rescue dachshund, but I'll tell my tail in a later blog. First things first. I wish I had met Shelby MacIntyre. I feel privileged to be named after her and from what I've already learned she was the most perfect dachshund of my kind.

I will do my best to be at least half as perfect as Shelby was and I just hope Mama can find it in her heart to love me at least half as much as she did her baby.

I feel tired now so I shall end my post for now. I feel special though, especially being able to share a blog site with Shelby the Princess Pooch.

I shall coin a phrase from my buddy, later loving doggies and doggy lovers!


In Memory of My Precious Pooch "Shelby"