Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Barkmas & A Yippy New Year!

'Hangs head guiltily'

I know, I should be ashamed that I'm up at such a late hour, but I just had to wish all my canine friends and friendly owners the best of holidays!

I'm off with my Mama for a 9 and a half hour trip in just a wee few hours. All the more reason I should be asleep now, but I owe it to my fans 'ahem' to say a few words first.

Here's hoping your stocking is filled with all the canine goodness it can hold. I know mine is.

'wiggles eyebrows'

Until next time, doggie lovers and loving doggies!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Trip to the Canine Doctor

Must we....all creatures great and small have our bodies manhandled rudely by unfamiliar hands, touching us in our sensitive spots? I mean even the instruments are cold and I'm fairly sure the fur (what little I have) will undoubtedly fly off my body before I can even race to the car.

 'BRRRRRR, teeth chattering'

I know we little furry tykes need to be reminded that we're healthy by the human persuasion that specializes in that fact....and I have to say my mostest favorite doggie doctor in the whole world, that had tried to retire, saw me today, but still I justs get too nervous when I have to tip toe into that cold sterile environment and hop up onto the weight scale that looks reminiscent of a small treadmill.

And then.....then my ears are poked, mouth fingered and I have two needles gouging my little furry body. Okay so 'gouging' is my word of the day to embellish. Dr. Miller takes great care in handling me, it's just, I have this uncomfortable sense of 'I wanna get out of here as fast as I can. Nice to see you again Dr. Miller. Can't we just meet and have some dog biscuits at my house while I tell you I'm perfectly fine' insecurity when Mama loads me up for that short trip down the road.

But I do have to say my vet people treat me real NICE! They love me and I snicker every time they mistakenly call my Mama by my name. I like that Mama's identity ties into me.

'Shelby's Mama'

Heee. Heee

Later loving doggies and doggie lovers!

The Shelbster

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Helllloooooooooooooooo Out There In Doggie Land!

I'm appealing to the canine in all of us. YES, even you animal loving HUMANS! My theory is that everyone is part animal, but only special loving adoptable pet lovers have that special pooch gene.

I trust that each of you had a very satisfying and scrumptious Thanksgiving.

'licks lips'

Now I plead for all animal lovers and loving animals to call on that great Santa Paws. Beg, plead, lick and beg some more in order to get your mostest favorite stocking stuffer of all time.

Mama doesn't know but I have eyes in the back of my head.

But of course they are invisible to the naked eye. Anywho, I peeked at my big stocking full of poochie goodness, topped off by a big yellow canine friend.

Betcha can't guess which stocking is mine.

'prances in circles allowing time for the audience to figure it out'

Again I ask each of my fellow doggie cousins to appeal to the poochie gene in your adopted family of humans. Express your innermost doggie urges and needs. Prioritize gifts of importance and if necessary offer to perform minimal tasks around the house for extra allowance money.

'ponders the thought'

On second thought it's best to just lay around, lick your human every once in awhile, nuzzle their legs, necks and make them feel so special with all the unconditional love us pups display.

And remember not only your humans but also Santa Paws loves you! So start making your lists, checking them twice and if you need any extra advice or words of wisdom to get your way with your human, just drop me a line!

I'll be taking a pooch nap while visions of snausages dance in my head!

Until later, doggie lovers and loving doggies,