Monday, December 7, 2009

My Trip to the Canine Doctor

Must we....all creatures great and small have our bodies manhandled rudely by unfamiliar hands, touching us in our sensitive spots? I mean even the instruments are cold and I'm fairly sure the fur (what little I have) will undoubtedly fly off my body before I can even race to the car.

 'BRRRRRR, teeth chattering'

I know we little furry tykes need to be reminded that we're healthy by the human persuasion that specializes in that fact....and I have to say my mostest favorite doggie doctor in the whole world, that had tried to retire, saw me today, but still I justs get too nervous when I have to tip toe into that cold sterile environment and hop up onto the weight scale that looks reminiscent of a small treadmill.

And then.....then my ears are poked, mouth fingered and I have two needles gouging my little furry body. Okay so 'gouging' is my word of the day to embellish. Dr. Miller takes great care in handling me, it's just, I have this uncomfortable sense of 'I wanna get out of here as fast as I can. Nice to see you again Dr. Miller. Can't we just meet and have some dog biscuits at my house while I tell you I'm perfectly fine' insecurity when Mama loads me up for that short trip down the road.

But I do have to say my vet people treat me real NICE! They love me and I snicker every time they mistakenly call my Mama by my name. I like that Mama's identity ties into me.

'Shelby's Mama'

Heee. Heee

Later loving doggies and doggie lovers!

The Shelbster

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