Friday, April 22, 2011

Lending A Helping Paw!

Hello doggies and doggie lovers!

I have decided since I was a rescue dachshund that it is my duty to help others in need. So from time to time I will be assisting those special little fur-kids that need loving, human kindness and support.

In order to provide a little more information about my pal Sir Oscar Meyer, I provided a link for all to see. He has begun to grow some of his fur back and his foster family is hopeful that in time he will be good as new. He's had a tough time but has pulled through with flying colors!

YAY! for Sir Oscar Meyer. His fundraiser is set to end on May 2nd. Let's see how much assistance we can give for ongoing allergy testing and treatment for our little doxie fur friend!

Sir Oscar Meyer FundRaiser

My second request comes from a sweet volunteer/foster parent at DREAM Dachshund Rescue A sweet little doxie needs our help. I'll provide a link below that explains what happened to our little friend, Paris.

Paris Update

And my last request for the night comes from Las Vegas, Nevada. A sweet little doxie was brought in for rescue with a burned scalp and a leg deformity. She really needs our help and love and I'm so glad she is in loving and capable hands now.

Giselle Needs Our Help!

Please let's help our fellow canines. I so glad mama rescued me and I know all doggies feel the same way when they are blessed enough to be in a warm, loving and supportive family. Please give to those in need and you will be forever blessed in return.

This is me signing out now...................Smooches for pooches!

Later loving doggies and doggy lovers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Friend In Need

Dis is important announcement for the doggy generation. Please follow and donate to my buddy in need, Sir Oscar Mayer ( a dachshund bud) for allergy treatments. He's a rescue doxie that needs our help! Dis fund raiser is organized by Weiner Tales rescue,

WEEEEEEeeeeee I can drive!

Be back later, please take care of my buddy!

Later loving doggies and doggy lovers,