Saturday, March 6, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself......

I'm Abigail MacIntyre. But you can call me Abbey. I found Mama just last week. I'm a rescue dachshund, but I'll tell my tail in a later blog. First things first. I wish I had met Shelby MacIntyre. I feel privileged to be named after her and from what I've already learned she was the most perfect dachshund of my kind.

I will do my best to be at least half as perfect as Shelby was and I just hope Mama can find it in her heart to love me at least half as much as she did her baby.

I feel tired now so I shall end my post for now. I feel special though, especially being able to share a blog site with Shelby the Princess Pooch.

I shall coin a phrase from my buddy, later loving doggies and doggy lovers!


1 comment:

  1. Well speaking as someone who knew Shelby, I will say you have a tough act to follow!! She was certainly one of a kind.

    But ya know, we're all special in our own ways. And you certainly have won me over...and I'm pretty sure ur Mama is already crazy about ya too! So you've got a good start...

    Just make sure you mind ur Mama, go potty when and where ur supposed to, be grateful for everything you get, and keep giving LOTS and LOTS of love and kisses!

    You've got a wonderful new home and the best mommy you could EVER want! You've got it made, kid!!