Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting the hang of this blog thing, ahem

Sorry for my prolonged absence. I'm just trying to polish up on my typing skills. You see I have fat paws. I know 'hangs head' I can't help it. It is a burden I must bear and as a result it makes it a tad difficult to type just one letter at a time. Trust me some of my practice lessons have looked rather confusing. In fact I'm sure I've made up a few words but Mama doesn't buy it.

But practice has paid off! I'm not only an official 'Google pup' and Blogster extraordinaire, but I'm now a star and Mama has provided a sample of my most embarrassing bathing moments. No longer am I unloved and unwanted by my original owners.

Now I'm all that, Alpha dog, Top dog.

I'm loved, appreciated and right at home with my new family and especially my little bobo. I loves me bobo pooches!

And now for some laughter at my expense, ahem. Mama says it's all in fun cause I'm so darn lovable and cute. So I have to agree. Now for my feature films, coming to a blog site near you.

My first feature film - Bath Time With Abbey.

It became so popular I created a sequel with Mama's help of course. My paws couldn't hold the camera AND direct the film content.

The sequel - Bath Time With Abbey Revisited. I had an embarrassing moment as most of you doggies can attest to. Flatulence isn't just for humans you know.

Bath Time With Abbey

Bath Time With Abbey Revisited

All this fame has made me tired. I shall return at a later date. In the meantime let me entertain you!

Later loving doggies and doggie lovers!


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