Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things Pups Are Thankful For This Time of Year!

I was sad when I learned that Mama and Chrissy couldn't take me on a vacation this month.

'Scratches behind ear.'

I mean our vacation to Pigeon Forge was rescheduled (hopefully) for next month. I had never heard of the place and all of a sudden I have an extreme fondness for pigeon sighting. I mean I've seen birds, I know what pigeons look like. (They're so oddly shaped from other birds). But now all I have is pigeons dancing inside my little canine brain. That and some woman singing country music songs, that my Mama keeps telling me is a well known singer - Dolly Parton.

Anyway, I decided in my moments of anguish from our vacation postponement that I would list some things that make me happy and thankful to be a canine.

#1 - That I'm not a canine, I'm a human in a fur-trapped body. (and no I'm not delusional, it's just the way it is.)
#2 - Mama's love (even though I'm convinced she could be less stingy on those scrumptious treats.)
#3 - Wonderful grandparents that accept me as the human dog I am.
#4 - Heaters, fleece and the ability to get warm in 0.2 seconds.
#5 - Health, even though I'm older, Mama pampers me, takes me to my vet and to see specialists when I need it. And when that Chronic Bronchitis flares up, she loves me anyway and gives me chewy, tasty antibiotics. (She tries to make even the medicine I take yummy if she can.)
#6 - Pigeons 'rolls eyes' Why I have no idea. I just have a fondness for pigeons these days. But one question escapes me.

Do they taste like chicken?

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