Saturday, November 21, 2009

Smells Like Chicken, Tastes Like Turkey!

Okay a special blog for all you canine-human pups out there. Psssst, it's time to gather around the big ol' table of love next week when the human peoples have that HUGE meal and all the trimmings!

Gather around and let's talk turkey. I'll demonstrate some ways to ensure that you and your animal friends alike will be able to have your own feast on that special day.

Strike a pose and follow my expressions. 'wiggles eyes'

First, after you creep up to the table, look away abruptly. They will think you're just performing your daily walk of exercise.

Second, appear disinterested in their mundane conversation. Say something along the lines of - 'was that Santa I just saw and his eight smelly reindeer?'

Third, try a new disguise!  A cool elf hat is sure to win you points on the meal. And then put on your weakest look.

And if no one pays attention - grovel, moan, sigh heavily until you sneeze thick mucus from your nostrils. OKAY, maybe not that latter part. It isn't a sure bet that you will get any closer to the big bird on the table. In fact being chased away is your best bet.

And FINALLY, put on your best  pose yet. I've been so good all year round. It's almost time for Santa Paws and I'm so weak I can barely stand for this picture. Please feed me and I will be on my best doggie behavior for the rest of the year!

I'm telling you pups, it works. Try it and let me know the end result!

Till later loving doggies and doggie lovers!


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  1. Well aren't u a crafty little thing!! All those adorable outfits and poses! You'd be sure to win my attention...but don't tell ur mommy bc she already told me u can't eat from the table. She knows I'm a sucker for a cite face though and urs is just the cutest ever! So there's no way I could resist you!! And now u know my secret and you'll use it against me won't u?? Oh no....just don't get me in trouble with ur mama. It'll be our little secret...shhhhh!!! 'giggles'