Thursday, November 12, 2009

Singing The Blues and Why That's a Good Thing!

"Does the happy snoopy dance in the air'

I got a special present from Mama's friend last night.


(Posing for my best side)

Us little tykes with practically furless bodies have to stick together. We need warmth and love and people like Ms. Chrissy to pamper us just like our mommies!

Okay, okay I'm a happy pup. As I've eluded to before I have a fleece fetish. Can't help it and there isn't even a self-help program for my recovery efforts. But I really don't care cause I LOVE FLEECE!

AND best of all my snuggie is made of fleece, (there could be no other material ever that I would love more) but on second thought, ahem, my Mama got a snuggie too and it looks a little bigger than mine. So I think I may have to play extra nice, use all my loving charm and beg for hers too.

You laugh? It's actually worked before but I have a feeling even she might not give up the snuggie very easily. Something about it being a gift and a really sweet person giving it to her. I have to agree though on the last part.

Well, I shall snuggle up with my snuggie, heeheehee! It's raining cats and dogs here today. YIKES! Who said that? I think I hit a sensitive nerve there.


I've never understood what that meant. I mean really, I've never seen it rain anything but water. I could understand if maybe once it had rained a ferret or groundhog, but I've never seen it rain felines or canines.

Now of course I could understand if it rained poodles. There's something odd about curly fur and no I'm not jealous. I mean is it a sheep or a poodle? I want to know what my breed looks like. Don't need to be confused with another animal.


Anyway, my monologue for today is nearly over and I shall stay comfy, snuggling with my new snuggie.

Thanks again, Chrissy. 'licks your cheek.'

Pssst, doggie lovers get your pet a snuggie, especially the small pooches. They will love you forever!

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