Monday, July 25, 2011

Please Help Da Recues!!

I has furry important message fur eberbody out der in cyberland. Please take the time to help those in need. Whether it's an animal that needs help with medical expenses, a lost or found animal searching for their parents, a wounded animal that needs paw prayers, or a rescue shelter needing our support to stay open.

We need all the dedicated no-kill shelters and rescue organizations that we can get! We can't let them close their doors because we didn't help dem!

Take a look at three rescue organizations below, take the time to read about dem and please help out any way you can! If you can provide donations, but it also furry important to pass the word along via text, tweet, facebook, myspace or even add your own blog or journal entry!

Please help dem. It helps us all!

Dogs In Brazil - dey needs help feeding and care for the doggies in their care in a small no-kill shelter. Please help dem all you can! You can pay through paypal on their donate button or you can tweet and retweet and publicize their needs all ober da web!!/emmydib

911 Ruff Org - Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends, a no-kill shelter in Fort Walton Beach, Florida that is in desperate need of funding to remain open.Please help dem! Get the word out to eberyone you know. We must save the shelter! Items needed: dog food, pedigree canned puppy food, blankets (non-stuffed), towels, clorox beach, sheets, chew toys (non-squeaky or rattling).!/911RUFFORG

A Place To Bark - a no-kill shelter in Portland, Tennessee that is in desperate need of funds to remain open. Please help dem! Dey can't close on us! They are also in need of supplies: towels, blankets, toys, collars, leashes, crates, food, treats, very small baby bottles, milk replacement, bleach, 1 microscope, 1 baby scale, 1 stethoscope, muzzles, pet beds.!/aplacetobark

Please yelp our furiends! Make a difference in other animals lives!

Fanks for taking the time to read my blog today!

Later loving doggies and doggy lovers!

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  1. Our rescue thanks u for your love and support. Trying to keep our doors open and power bill this month was $2600 to keep our precious pooches cool from this terrible heat. We can't continue without donations to keep our power bill and utilities paid. We are terrified because our dogs are in our nokill shelter and supposed to stay safe. We need everyone's help to stay open and give our precious companions some more time to hopefully find a home. Since most of them are over 5 years old... it is very hard for them to get a home. Please consider dogs that are 5 years and older as they are precious and have long lives left. Thank you Princess Pooches for all you do for us...... God Bless You.