Friday, July 8, 2011

My Furry Pals, Please Help Dem!!!!

Hi Eberbuddy! It's me again here with an impotent massage. Oops, I sorry my fat paws sometimes hit da wrong keys!

Anyway, I am here today to campaign for some furry important causes. There are so many needs that I can't possibly list them all, at least not here today. However, I will list different ones that catch mine and Mama's eyes and add from time to time for more exposure!

Please let us remember our dear sweet, Bear (pictured below) who is currently undergoing radiation treatments (2 left!) and he desperately needs to be able to start chemotherapy and meds shortly thereafter. We raised enough for his radiation treatments, PLEASE let's help him get the full total for all his treatments! He just lost his fur-mom please let's help the sweet little guy live!

                      Please Help Me Get Better, Click Here!

This little girl (pictured below) is such a cutie but I am biased cause she's my breed of dachshund. A cute little spiffy 10 year old senior dachshund lost her home cause her owner passed away at the ripe old age of 97. She is now in the care of a wonderful foster mom who is doing everything possible to keep Cocoa alive and healthy so she can be adopted at a later date. Please save Cocoa. She has a tumor that needs to be removed ASAP due to the potential for malignancy. Please any donations would help this fine little doggie!

                                          Read My Story & Help Please!

                                             The Oncologist Report

This sweet pup, Dusty, was found roaming the streets and the compassionate people at Animal Advocates Alliance took him in and are nursing him back to health. As you can see he's had a really rough and hard start to his life, but we are dedicated to improving his quality of life and helping him have a great new start!

                                                        Dusty's Story, Please Help!

          Furever Dachshund Rescue  needs our help! Please donate what you can, any amount will greatly help these precious new rescued doxies that they have brought in! The wieners will appreciate your contributions!

                                        Medical Expense ChipIn For Wieners!

Fanks so much for taking time to help our fellow anipals! We lubs you humans, please help dem all!

Later loving doggies and doggy lovers,

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