Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Doxie Pal, LouLou Please YELP!

I met a new #doxieposse furiend on twitter the other day. She is a rescue dachshund named LouLou. She was pregnant and sick from what was thought to be poisoning. Her mama, Corissa, was told by da vet dat she had been spayed......OBVIOUSLY that was wrong cause she just gave birth yesterday to 8 puppies!

bad vet....badddd vetttttt

She had 10 but 2 didn't make it. LouLou is resting now and taking care of her babies but she need our help! Da vet bill was very expensive and LouLou has called on us to help outs if we can!

She a new mama, she can't work to pay her bills, so please let's do our part and help out with the vet costs! She will be so happy wit da results if we can at least pay somethin towards her babies cost!

Lou Lou & Babies Fund

Thanks you furry much loving doggies and doggy lovers,

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