Monday, July 18, 2011


My dear friend Christine, Kenny and Ginger gave me dis award! I so excited bout it. Now it is my duty to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to fellow bloggers that are deserving of tis title!

But first, I has to say 7 tings that you might not know about me and Mama.

1. I is adorable! Oh, I guess you can tell dat already by my photogenic images. 'insert cheesy grin here'

The REAL #1 - Some would find it offensive based on my ethnicity but I 'whispers' don't speak German at all but I can speak in several dialects: Irish, 'top of the mornin' to ya', Southern, "ya'll come on over and sit a spell', Australian, 'let's throw some shrimp on the barbie', New Zealand, "G'day Mate', squirrel 'who stole my nuts', canine, 'ruff, ruff, ruff'. Mama and I speak American but she know a few words in Spanish.

2. Mama and I are both animal lovers! She love dem as a kid and it has never stopped! I identify as a canine first but Mama has caused me to feel kinda human so I now identify as a human dachshund. Yes dey really do exist! Mama had one before me, Shelby her baby.

3, I do impressions! Hey I told you I was human. I can impersonate a bat, a miniature doberman pinscher, an ewok from Star Wars and my latest impersonation is pictured below. An alien canine.

4. Mama is a single parent but she do just fine raising me. I her second child and second dachshund. She lubs my breed and her brudder was a dachshund too!

5. Mama likes to write and so do I. I blog, of course and Mama write short fiction stories in da past. She not sure what to write next but she has da writing bug goin on. (Her second cousin just published a book A Captive Heart}

6. Mama and mine favoritest place to vacation is Pigeon Forge. We lubs to stay in the mountains in cabins! I have yet to see any pigeons so I can't figure out why it named that.

7. Mama and I have our furry own website to help anipals. In case you didn't know it, please visit us at People 4 Dogs

Now I'm proud to reveal my favoritest blogger buddies and in turn dey have to provide 7 tings no one knew about dem and der favoritest blogger sites! I do have to make speshul announcement - I would nominate but I can't since she nominated me. Just sayin' I lubs my buddies Kenny, Ginger and Christine!

1. Dawg Blogger - a furry nice person helping give others information about anipals, tweeting for worthy causes to get information across to all of us, helps to spread da word about anipals in need of medical expenses.

2. For The Weens - all about da speshul breed that is me!

3, LIfe of a Bloodhound Living With Dachshunds - Mama friend, volunteer for She post information that important for the cause!

4. Blog The Change For Animals - bloggers come together to support people helping animals in need each 15th of Jan, April, July, October.

5. Who's Your Dachshund? - 10 bloggers, 16 dachshunds, one blog.

6. Dachshund Cocoa - dachshund blog about this amazing Dachshund's struggle to get well and find a furever home! Please help her!

7. Operation Fuzzy Mice - non-denominational Christian ministry dedicated to provide help for pets caught up in human crises.

8. Best Friend's Blog - a grass roots effort to place dogs and cats considered 'unadoptable' into good homes. Founders of Dog Town.

I sure der are more wonderful blogs and bloggers out der that I can post but for now I's done cause I need to go and mingle wif nature. I is feeling a little outdoorsy if you get my drift.

Later all loving doggies and doggy lovers!

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  1. Congratulations on your Award! And thank you for the kind words :-)