Monday, September 28, 2009

Dogs Need Vacations TOO!! 'Ruff Ruff'

I sit at home day in day out waiting anxiously for my Mama to come home, blubber me and feed me to my heart's content. Okay, maybe that last part doesn't happen. I freely admit that I'm hooked on a variety of the healthiest dog biscuits and treats known to man or canine-kind.

If Mama wouldn't buy such lip-smacking treats...'looks around worried'...on second thought I better not post that. I might end up with dried up tree bark or those freaky little people crackers that resemble the oddest miniature version of professional people in society from postal workers to policemen.

'Shakes head'

Anyway back to my point for this post. I need a vacation. I want a vacation. I deserve a vacation!. Now anyone got any ideas where a sassy little senior pup like myself can go and have a good time?

The movie set of Scooby Doo crossed my mind but I'm fairly certain that's in make-believe land. Is that in Florida?

I think Mama really wants to go to Pigeon Forge, TN although I'm puzzled why she'd want to see a bunch of pigeons flying around, but I'll go along for the ride cause it makes her happy to include me.

And don't get me started on the lack of pet hotels. Yeah, there are some but not nearly enough as there should be.

HEY, narrow-minded, puppy haters - we're people too! If we are injured do we not bleed? Give us more accommodations as we travel with our loving owners that treat us as the people we are!

Yes, I'm bilingual although not nearly as proficient in speaking as I am in typing. I can curse and bark on a dime!

So there, pups need breaks too!

I shall save my rant for another post! All this bitching has made me tired.

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