Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's a bitch to have Chronic Bronchitis!

Hello fellow canine folk and their dedicated owners. Allow me to introduce myself, 'cough, cough.'

My name's Shelby and I've been the love of my Mama's life for over 15 years. Lately I've been fighting off the aggravating effects of Bronchitis. I cough here. I cough there. I keep Mama up at night and I don't like it. Subsequently, she doesn't like it either but she loves me and understands.

Any doggie advice for a little scrappy 8lb. doxie would be lovely to have. I'm appealing to the canine in all of us. Yes I'm convinced that true animal lovers are part canine too!

'Looks around, feeling rather right at home.'

Cool, I'm liking this booger thing, errrr, I mean blogger thing. I think I'll be content to just sit here and wait on my fellow doggies to converse with me.

Ohhhh, big words for such a little pup. Won't Mama be so proud?!

Slobbers n' licks,

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