Monday, January 18, 2010

Breaking News: Apalled at ABC's slander of me my Mama and my fellow dachshunds

NOT happy to start the new year off with hearing the awful exposure in the media from ABC's Private Practice. I may not be able to speak up for myself, but I can blog, tweet and love my owner unconditionally, which is more than some humans have the capacity to do.

I don't ask for much but my Mama to pamper me, occasional strangers to give me treats, my grandparents to feed me from the table when my Mama isn't looking, ahem, okay that last one...well I think Mama just found out. Anyway, I'm a loving, devoted companion to my Mama. I love kids, my stuffed animals. My first friend was a cat, but I digress.

Some writer/s decided to disgrace my breed.


So, I've been known to eat poo, I shall call it. But I don't eat it now and haven't for some time, such as was portrayed on that intolerant show. I also do love my Mama and I'm not self-centered and focused solely on myself, but of course if anyone else wants to be, that's cool with me, just sayin.'

I AM NOT FILTHY nor are any of my fellow canines, regardless of their breed.

Why, ABC, would you portray me and my fellow dachshund brethern and sisters as immoral walks of life, which you weren't far from calling us?

You think I eat poo? I think you're full of it and I should know. I'm the expert on that particular subject, right? Leave my Mama alone and any other rightful doxie owner. They are not desperate for attention, but perhaps YOU are!

For those that do not know what I'm ranting about, check out the youtube video entitled, Dachshunds poop. It will disgust you as I hope it has enough owners to protest the uncalled for slam against the dachshund nation.

Find something better to write about or get off the air! And if you don't like it then you can eat poo!

Later doggie lovers and loving doggies! Stay tuned for my next excursion, a continuation of my fun times with my new pal, Chrissy.

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  1. You tell em, Cutie Pie!! Anyone that knows you, knows how loving and adorable and smart you are! Love the pics, btw :) Can't wait for your next blog hehehe