Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to my fun Christmas visit with Chrissy and Mama!

I had such a good time in Alabama meeting up with Mama's friend, Chrissy. So I just had to share another blog of my adventures in BAM land. I mean BAMA land. Whatever that means.

I was rather perplexed that there was no room service for dogs. But Mama assured me there was no room service for humans either, so I quickly got over my silent tantrum.

Mama made sure I had my heater, bedding and blankets to keep me warm. It unnerved me a little to find that we had a hot-natured human among us, but at Mama's insistence the air quality and temperature didn't freeze my little bones at all.

Our last night, we went on a tour of the hotel. I was hot stuff prancing around the building until Mama insisted that I become part of the Christmas decorations in the lobby area. Look closely at the bottom of the tree. It's a bird, a plane, no a Christmas doxie!

For some reason I tend to be the entertainment, but it gets me more attention and sometimes extra treats. So I just grin and bear it!

Later, loving doggies and doggy lovers!

PS - a very special shout out to my birthday friend, Chrissy! I loves you! Happy Barkday!

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  1. Awwww thanks Shelby :) ur a sweetie!! I loved spending time with u and ur mama at Christmas time!! I have to say you looked adorable under the tree!! Then again, u always look adorable :)